Frequently Asked Questions


  • What kind of tests can I do with your cross browser testing service?

    With our service you can do the following cross browser validation tests:

    • You can add the address of your site and we automatically scan it and confirm if it works and looks the same on all browsers selected by you compared with the preselected baseline browser.
    • You can record your activities on Firefox via customized Selenium IDE and then automatically replay these on all the browsers we support in our cross browser testing service. The browsers list continues expanding over time with new versions and browsers.
    • You can upload your previously created Selenium tests in XML/HTML format and execute them in our cloud solution.
  • What are our advantages compared with other similar cross browser testing services?

    We have gone way beyond the current available cross browser testing tools on the market.

    • We automatically verify the site look and feel on the different browsers. We don't use automatically or artificially generated coordinates but the real look and feel. This is removing the false positive effect most tools on the market have as a challenge.
    • We handle dynamic content such as changing images on reload and ads.
    • We scale dynamically. You will not need to wait hours to have your test executed but get it right there, right now.
    • We are more stable than Selenium. Common challenges are already resolved and the user will never hit them.
    • We handle expected browser specific differences automatically. Each browser has its specifics as far as fonts, display area, and scrolls. We are not going to spam you with bugs that are not really bugs.
  • What browsers do you support?

    Check the full list of supported browsers.

  • What software do I need to install on my computer to test all the browsers?

    If you use the Automatic scan or import already saved Selenium tests, you do not need to install anything. The only thing you need to install is a small Firefox plug-in if you want to record your activities and then connect to our cross-browser testing service. This takes less than a minute to make the whole setup begin working. If you are not planning to record tests but use only the automatic scan and import functionalities, you do not need to install anything.

  • Do you support browsers other than Firefox for recording the user activities?

    Currently, the only supported browser for the initial recording is Firefox. In the future, we might add other browsers to the recording list.

  • What is Base URL?

    Base URL is the starting address for your test. Each time you start a test, this address will be loaded and all following steps executed after this. Changing it can be very useful in case you want to test different environments like development, staging, or production with the same content.

  • What is Command timeout?

    If a command has not finished in the timeout duration, it will fail. If your site is slower or heavy loaded, then you can increase the command timeout. Default value is 30 seconds.

  • What is Screenshot timeout?

    Sometimes taking the screenshot of a large page might be time consuming. If some of your steps are failing because of this increase the screenshot will time out. Default value is 30 seconds.

  • What is Screenshot delay?

    Once a page is loaded it takes some time for the browser to render the loaded page. If your site is slower at rendering or has AJAX requests you can increase the delay between page load and taking the screenshot. Default value is 0 seconds.

  • What is Execution speed?

    There is a fixed amount of elapsed time between every two steps that gives enough time for the browser to render and load resources. That way, for the next step it is guaranteed that elements are visible, clickable and can be actioned. Decreasing the time would increase execution speed but might decrease execution stability. Default value is three seconds.

  • How can I use schedules?

    Schedules are a powerful instrument to regularly check that your site is fully operational. For example, if you want a nightly test testing five major browsers and then a weekly test validating all of them, there are a couple of steps you need to take. First, create couple profiles with the preselected browsers and screen resolution. Second, schedule an execution for this scenario with the defined browser profiles. The easiest way to start is the Common Settings schedule that you can then customize to your needs.

  • What is the default timezone?

    By default all users are set in UTC timezone. If you need to change it, then go to “my account settings” and set your timezone. The timezone setting affects all UI and Schedule elements.

  • What are profiles and how do they work?

    Profiles are sets of predefined browsers and screen resolution. For example, if you need to regularly test 10 specific browsers with mobile resolution, just save it as profile from the Execute page after you have selected the browsers and resolution. There are two system profiles — latest and oldest browser versions for each browser, both with 1366 x 768 screen resolution.

  • Where can I see the results of an execution?

    From the Repository page, select the Test Scenario that you want to see, click on its Name and you will be sent to the page with all executions done for this Test Scenario. From there, open the execution you need and see the results.

  • How can I delete the results of an execution?

    From the Repository page, select the Test Scenario that you want, click on it and you will be sent to the page with all executions done for this Test Scenario. On the right side you can see the Open and Delete options for this execution. Click on Delete and confirm deletion.

  • How do you get the pages to be auto scanned?

    We have implemented an intelligent crawler that can identify your most important URLs to be monitored. It is now limited to the top 20 pages. If you want more, then you need to manually add them by copying the list of page addresses.

  • Can I manually list the pages I want to be tested?

    Yes, on the scan menu you can either automatically scan your site or manually enter the pages. We also plan to support site map import in the near future.

  • How can I test password protected sites?

    If you are testing a site protected with base authentication, then you can simply use the following format for the first URL or directly enter it in the site address to be scanned

  • If I sum all the step's durations for the test the first time, is this not the same as for the whole test?

    The step duration is the page loading time only. The test duration is the sum of all the steps plus taking the time for taking screenshots and comparing the UI with the baseline browser. That is why it is usually more than the sum of the steps.

Account details

  • I have not received my activation mail. What shall I do?

    Go to the Sign In dialog. Click on the 'Forgot your password' link and enter your email. A new activation mail will be sent to you. If you don't get it again, please contact our support team.

  • How can I reset my password?

    Go to the Equafy home page. Click on 'Sign In' and then click on the 'Forgot your password?' link. Then just follow the instructions.

  • How can I delete my account?

    Once logged in, go to your account settings. You will see the option for deleting your account from there. Note that once deleted, all its associated data will be also deleted. If you delete your account, then your subscription will be canceled and no future payments will happen. There is no refund available for the current billing period.

  • How can I change my email address?

    Once you are logged in, go to your account settings. Edit your personal information and change your email from there. A new activation email will be sent to the new email address and notification will be sent to the old email address.


  • What is an automation step?

    An automation step is one scenario step executed on any browser. For example, if you have a scenario with five steps and want to test it on five browsers, you can easily calculate that the step usage of this execution would be 25 steps.

  • I do not need the service every month. Do you offer plans that are not based on subscription?

    The plans that we offer are subscription based but if you really need it for a month or a few months only, you can always cancel your subscription and then renew it once you need the service again. You are not going to be charged while your subscription is canceled. When your subscription is canceled, you will be able to review your tests and results but will not be able to execute new tests.

  • Where is my credit card data stored?

    We are using Braintree (a PayPal owned company) to process the payments and Recurly for subscription management. Both are PCI compliant and we are using secure channels to communicate with them. We are not storing any credit card data in our own infrastructure.

  • How can I upgrade my subscription to a higher plan?

    Once you are logged in, go to your account settings. From there, go to the Billing tab and you can change your subscription plan to a higher one.

  • What happens with the available steps and payment if I upgrade to a higher plan?

    If you upgrade your plan, the changes will take effect on the next billing cycle. Our subscription management system will mark your account for upgrade and on the next billing you will be charged for the higher plan and get the available steps.

  • How can I downgrade my subscription to a lower plan?

    Once you are logged in, go to your account settings. From there go to the Billing tab and you can change your subscription plan to a lower one.

  • What happens with the available steps and payment if I downgrade to a lower plan?

    If you downgrade to a lower plan, it will take effect starting with the next month’s billing cycle and does not change anything for the current one.

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    Go to your account page, then go to the billing tab. You will see the Cancel option. If you have available steps left, then you will be able to continue using the service in the current billing period.

  • How can I update my payment details?

    Once you are logged in, go to your account settings. From there go to the Billing tab and you can Edit payment details.

  • How do I know how many of my allowed steps I have used?

    Once you are logged in, go to your account page and you will see the Usage stats tab with all details in it. You can also dig into the detailed usage report from there.

  • What happens if my allowed steps are all used?

    If you use all your steps in a given billing cycle, you wait for the next billing cycle to start and get the new allowance. If you need more steps just for the given month, please contact our support team.

  • What is the difference between monthly and annual subscriptions?

    An annual subscription delivers roughly 15% lower prices compared with monthly payments. As far as customer usage is concerned there is no difference in the way it works and monthly usage limits are the same.

  • Which subscription shall I select?

    Your best subscription plan depends on the projected usage of the service. Try to answer these questions yourself:

    • How many users will be using the service?
    • How many hours per day on average would my users use the service?
    • How many browsers do I want to test?
    • How many automatic or scheduled executions would I want per month?
    • Please contact our support team if you need help selecting the best plan for you or if you need a higher plan than the ones available on the site.