Our Promises to You

You are our first priority whether you are trial, personal, basic, standard or business. You will get 150% of our attention so we can help you be successful. A few hours or less is our standard time to solve any issues you might encounter.

We've been in your position and we understand your challenges. But we want to hear from you so we can build the best product possible, and we have a commitment to deliver new functionalities every two weeks. You can't wait six months to be successful - you need results NOW. We're here for you.

Our model is easy: You get the full service no matter if you're paying or not. We don't throttle execution of tests, you can keep your screenshots for how long you want, and you get results of your tests in MINUTES.

Our primary objective is for you to be successful whether you’re an engineering team, QA team or DevOps. We want to be part of your team!

Why We Are Doing What We Do

We've been there, done that for a long time. And we never could find the right product to help us with our cross-browser testing. These are the challenges we've been facing for years:

  • Fragile automation: Nobody wants to maintain 1,000 test scripts for each build. It just doesn't make sense and defeats the purpose. Nobody wants to spend two hours investigating a failed test to find out that they’re having a timing issue due to the environment. That's not what testing is about.
  • Infrastructure investment: We want to invest time testing our website, not building a costly infrastructure to support our automation. We care about testing, not hardware.
  • Crazy test matrix: Browsers version, desktop and mobile operating systems (Android anyone?), devices form factors, dynamic websites changing 10 times a day ... Ring a bell?

So one day we decided to truly do something about it — to fix the problem once and for all!

We'd Love To Hear From You

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